Once a person enters the blogging arena, a barrage of writing tips will be encountered that are all aimed at getting the magic formula for producing the content to beat. Writing in the online world however is not exactly the same as offline writing. Blogging makes use of certain strategies that will lead readers to the written articles. These strategies do not always conform with the structure of a language  so it can present some challenges along the way.

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Writing without having to concern one’s self with technicalities is not that easy as it is. This is more so when other concerns such as SEO enter the picture. SEO requires inclusion of certain keywords with prescribed frequency used  , minimum number of words , and use of titles that are not as aesthetic as novel titles because certain rules have to be followed. Of course, one has the freedom to do what he or she wants in blogging but attracting readers and ranking may just take a long time coming if all these rules are set aside.

In the event that you as a writer choose to ignore the rules, you can still make a go for it and simply write for writing’s sake.

Write About Something You Feel Strongly About

When you write about something that strongly affects you or you can strongly relate to, you come out as genuine and true. Opinion will not matter as much as the degree of belief from which the words  are coming from. Contents that come out sincere will find an audience to cater to unless of course the topic appeals to no one.

Write Beautifully so as to Appeal to the Senses

If search engines fail to find your article, humans can still find it. Makes your writings known through the use of social media.  Interact with other like writers who may find your writings interesting and voluntarily share it. Write for people. After all, it is the human society who will use your content. With beautifully written content, search engines may just take its cue from people for a change.

Write with Regularity

Writing regularly is also an SEO strategy but it has to be noted that maintaining visibility is a universal need to be remembered. Making yourself so scarce with writings that are so far apart from each other may just succeed in helping an audience forget you. If you write well,  you owe it to your audience to write not only for writing’s sake but also for them.

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