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There are basically three things a blog owner must be seriously looking into to achieve good ranking for his site- structure, links, and contents.  Among these three, it is improvement of content which is the least technical and therefore more understandable to the layman.  This has not however automatically resulted to better contents.  It would appear creating good content is not as easy as it seems.

Creating good content to attract visitors to one’s site is what is referred to as content marketing.  It is  basically a marketing technique based on creating and distributing relevant content to a target audience.  It is based on the premise that if the required information is provided by a site or blog and the way to finding this information has been provided, traffic will naturally come.

Sound Marketing is Founded on Excellent Content

The foundation of every online marketing effort is excellent content.  Excellence pertains not only to presentation but to relevance as well.  A site or blog is deemed excellent by a target market if it is able to provide the information being sought.  The content should be able to succeed in convincing visitors to be part of the site whether as regular readers or actual customers without resorting to hard-sell.  The best content marketing will lead readers to the site’s desired course of action.

Contents are for Human Users

The biggest mistake that a site can do with regards content is to write it for search engines and not humans.  This is because an article written for search engines is usually not human-friendly.  It should be remembered that humans are the end users.  Search engines only provide the means of finding sites but contents will still have to useful to humans.  The problem with articles written with search engines in mind is the tendency to excessively use keywords without any real and good content.  Deceit should not be employed in getting readers and visitors.

Natural Acquisition of Links

Higher Google ranking through good content is partially achieved by getting natural  inbound links from sites that matter.  A few links from this type of sites can do wonders than many links from lesser-valued sites. Not many sites can achieve this without going through serious assessment of their contents.

High ranking comes in time but only if the site or blog has something to offer in contents.  Otherwise, it might just be too much to ask for.

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