The notoriously popular Kim Dotcom comes back after a temporary hiatus via a cloud storage provider with free or paid options.  Mega is offering as much as 50 GB free storage or 500 GB of storage for about $99 a year.  This has caught the attention of many which should probably explain the impressive figures being mentioned by the Mega owner.

Still, this does not cover the fact that Kim Dotcom is yet to face charges being hurled against him for infringing on music copyrights when his company, MegaUpload supposed to have allowed illegal downloading in its site. Many consumers are now facing the dilemma of whether to treat Mega as a legitimate service provider or as a security threat.

It may beat the likes of Google and Dropbox with regards to its free storage offering but it still operates with a disadvantage in reputation.  Still, it has managed to attract at least 3 million users from the time of its launch this January. It is quite interesting to note that Mega is now offering a music streaming option which could be its direct answer to the issue of copyright infringement in illegal music downloads.

Mega: Piracy or Privacy – An infographic by the team at Who Is Hosting


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