Image: momitforward

If all the buzz is to believed, Google’s AuthorRank is about to descend on online authors and journalists in a bid to make way for a more trustworthy means of search result ranking.  It is no longer a question of if because it is sure to come.  It is only actually a matter of when.

Like any other previous algorithm updates, authors who have consistently practiced good writing need not panic in trying to save their sites since the purpose of AuthorRank is to find the best content on the basis of the relevance of content providers. Authors who have taken the time to provide excellent articles and posts have nothing to worry about this one.  However, good authors are encouraged to back their profile with commendable social network presence especially through G+.

A click at G+ button is a vote of confidence from readers.  Inclusion in a Google Circle is a vote of confidence from a group of people.  The more clicks for share and circles which the author is part of, the more stable the position of the author becomes.  Of course, the usual factors will also come into place such as the average PR, posting frequency, number of comments per post, relative authority on other social networks, the authority of the publishing site, and other external authority indicators.

Writers will also have to place special attention on Google authority which effectively links content with a Google + profile.  Google will need this link to establish the connection between the author and the created contents.  Authors will also have to get out from their own site once in a while by guest blogging on quality sites.  It is best to remember that emphasis is placed on quality rather than quantity of sites.  The key here is to maintain quality in self and make sure to be associated with quality as well.

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