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For the longest time, the issue of when PageRank updates occur is again being asked.  There are various speculations flying all over but online participants  and other people of interest have placed their fearless estimates on every three months.  So if the last update happened in November 2012, everyone is anticipating the next to happen on February 2013.

There is however nothing certain about the time of updates since it has happened sometime ago that there was about a nine-month interval between updates.  It really all depends on the decision of Google and these updates come unannounced.  Wise bloggers or anyone else interested in PageRank know that their only defense against a lowered rank or no-rank is to continuously produce content that will help put their blogs or sites on a quality pedestal.

Some bloggers have a very bad practice of producing a big number of articles towards the expected rank update probably in the hope of offsetting earlier negligence in quality and quantity.  With Google’s aim of identifying the real good sites, this move is actually counterproductive.  Search engines are much kinder in tracking consistency since sudden spikes in whatever form tend to sound alarm bells.

It has been observed that newbie bloggers are the most eager to achieve fast high-ranking.  In time, the serious bloggers realize that blogging is not all about ranking.  It will always matter but it need not the be-all and the end-all of any blog.  Bloggers who really have something to offer to their audience should remember this.


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