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In spite of advice to the contrary, bloggers still cannot help but be worried about page rank. Every 3 months or so, blog owners or at least most of them wait with baited breath for the “judgement” to come. Making a comment that they are worried can be an understatement for some.

Blogs which have yet to get at least a page 1 rank wonder when they will ever be recognized as existing in the realm of rankings. A page 1 rank is really nothing to be exceptionally proud of except for the fact that it has finally been acknowledged to have some relevant links. It is a fact that many blogs languish at zero page rank or worse at N/A status which stands for data not available. This traditionally meant that these sites have not yet been indexed by Google. A zero page rank is said to mean that it has been indexed but do not have enough quality backlinks to merit a higher score.

Many blogs have been known to stay at such an undefined status for so long that many feel like giving up. Although blogging is essentially self-expression, a certain point of validation from Google is certainly a welcome development. It can be very discouraging when blogs which have been established at fairly the same time merit higher page rank. Take it or not, bloggers will question what is missing in their blog that is causing such stagnancy.

Blogs which have achieved favorable ranking in time are not safe from dropping of ranks. This is said to result from extended periods of non-posting, bad links, or poor content. In spite of the importance placed by many for page rank, bloggers are still advised not to worry too much about it and concentrate more on the task at hand which is to produce quality blog.

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