Every site owner wanting to have his site recognized as an entity to reckon with in the online environment will be particular with page rank.  It is quite difficult to ignore page ranking even when sites repeatedly console themselves with the thought that page rank is not everything.  It may not be everything but it is something when one wishes to attract the right attention especially monetary wise. Almost all SEO professionals recommend that attention should be given first and foremost to content and readers will eventually find their way.  This is actually true but some people do not have the patience to wait.  Since page rank seems to have a direct effect in a site’s popularity, there is much effort to obtain the most favorable page rank possible. The concern goes with good reason.  A high page rank adds authority to a site.  When a site is seen as having more authority, it performs better in organic search results.  Its contents also tend to carry more weight as compared to sites that have lower page rankings or no ranking at all.  It is as if Google has stamped its approval on the site, with the perception of approval increasing as the page rank goes higher. Since the algorithm used by Google in determining page rank is quite difficult to understand, site owners are encouraged to go beyond page rank and just get down to the business of producing a quality site.  Page rank will follow in time and nothing can be done if it isn’t deemed “deserving” by the entity that bestows the ranking.  Page rank is a general gauge of a site’s fitness for readership, although the system is definitely not foolproof.  Thus, it is possible to see some inferior sites in terms of contents having page ranks while sites offering much better contents have no ranking.  Google assures the public however that they are trying to correct the system, thus the regular updates

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