Are you in a situation wherein you feel that you have been doing everything that you can for your SEO campaign and yet you are not seeing the fruits of your labor? Perhaps you may be missing out on some things. I read an article by E. Branter talking about reasons that your SEO campaign may be failing. Let us take a look at these possible reasons.

Wrong Keywords- One reason your SEO efforts might be falling short is the keywords you’re targeting aren’t the right ones. Keyword selection is a difficult process that requires a deep knowledge of SEO. If you choose a keyword that is too popular, you’ll be unable to compete with the others targeting the same phrase. On the other hand, if you target a keyword too obscure, no one will ever search for it. The key is to find long tail keywords with little competition but decent search volume.

We have many articles on keywords in this blog. If you are not sure about your keyword campaign, try re-evaluating what you are doing. You may not be using “wrong” keywords but you may be missing out on the better ones. Remember, there are many tools available today that can help you figure out the best keywords for your blog or web site. All you need to do is define clearly what you want to target and then find the appropriate keywords for it.

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