Here are my favorite link building resources. Of course, because SEO changes so much, these may not be useful in the future. However, for now, they are immensely helpful. I didn’t include linkbaiting resources. That’s for another post. These resources focus on traditional link building.

12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them
This article gives practical ways to get different types of links. The types of links include authority links, run of site links, .edu and .gov links, and even offline media links. The article has tips on what to look for with each type of link as well as specific places to find them.

Balancing the Link Equation
A balanced link profile has a much better chance of staying under the radar of Google’s filters. This post gives several ways of balancing your link profile: get different kinds of links, vary your anchor text, and get deep links.

101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website
This huge list of link building tips covers everything from easy free links, directory submission, local links, syndication, and even using pay-per-click as a link building tool. Also, it has 30 link building methods to avoid.

Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times
In this forum post, Sugarrae states, “Link development has morphed into traffic development.” Then, she gives examples of outdated link development methods and contrasts them with the more effective traffic development methods.

Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview
Another Sugarrae resource. This one is on her blog. It’s a very informative group interview with five of the top link building experts. The questions from the interview came from the experts themselves. Each expert contributed two questions.

Google Search Engine Ranking Factors
SEOMoz gathered 37 search marketing experts and asked them to rate numerous search engine ranking factors. Then, SEOMoz crunched the data and came up with the most important factors. This resource gives a score for each of the factors based on the 37 experts’ votes. I’ve been blogging through the top 10 factors. Right now I’m on the 7th most important factor.

John Scott on Link Buying
I trust John Scott to give good link building tips. He runs a great directory and forum over at V7N. In this article, he gives 10 tips for buying links.

What are your favorite link building resources?

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